Travel writers from all over the Bay Area and afar converged on Pacifica to see and experience what it had to offer. What they found was a hidden gem. 

The itinerary began at the historic hilltop Sam's Castle where views of the ocean were experienced on this breathtaking day. Writers were given a tour and background information was provided by the Pacifica Historical Society. Many longtime Pacificans provided informational talks on hiking, biking, surfing, fishing and the arts while guests enjoyed appetizers and cocktails overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

From there, their path to Pacifica took them to The Oceana Art Gallery and to our lontime local favorite Nick's Restaurant for live entertainment and dancing. 

The next segment took them on their separate ways to enjoy hiking at Mori's Point and Sweeney Ridge, surfing at Linda Mar Beach, Segways Tours of our coastal bluffs, historical tour of Sanchez Adobe, mountain bike riding in the ocean's hillside and hang gliding at Mussel Rock. After all the recreation their hunger was satisfied at The Surf Spot A Grape in the Fog Wine Bar, The Moonraker Restaurant and our new Puerto 27 Pueruvian Kitchen and Pisco Bar.

Enjoy reading the various articles below of the travel writers experiences
while visiting Pacifica. 

"A Wonderful Coast Destination"  by Don and Ann Jackson 

"A Northern California Escape to Reconnect and Refresh" by George Medovoy - Postcard to

"Pacifica is a robust beach-front destination brimming with outdoor recreation" by Molly Blaisdell 

"A Weekend in Pacifica..." by George Medovoy - Napa Valley Register

"The coast-side town of Pacifica is one of California's greatest travel values" - by Molly Blaisdell 

"Beach Adventure in Beautiful Pacifica"  by Karla Erovick

"Pacifica's a Favorite Destination for Europeans" by Ginny Prior

"Northern California's Coast Brims with Unique Meeting Options" by Fred Gebhart

"Ten Top Things to do in Pacifica, CA" by Molly Blaisdell

"Just an hour away, this seaside spot is full of charm" by Kirsten Haney





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